The ABFPRS is pleased to present this state-of-the-art set of self-assessment tools to encourage surgeons to maintain high professional standing by measuring up to a comprehensive set of standards. The tools are also intended to encourage surgeons to participate regularly in continuing medical education, remain current in critical knowledge areas, and perform well in their surgical practices. In doing so, surgeons demonstrate their continuing commitment to patient safety and satisfaction.

These self-assessment tools are designed to help surgeons appraise their strengths and deficits in specific areas of practice performance. Surgeons planning to participate in primary certification or maintenance of certification in facial plastic surgery examinations may also utilize these tools as a helpful resource for self-directed learning. This self-assessment program consists of four online practice exams with the following features:

Access to Self-Assessment Tools/Exams

  • Examinees may take an exam two times for $100.
  • Exams are time-limited to 2 hours.
  • Examinees may log in on a computer, log out, and then log in on a different computer at another time to complete the exam.
  • The passing Score is mirrored to the actual ABFPRS exam and is set at 67%

Exam Questions

  • Each exam contains 50 unique questions selected from authoritative references in the field of facial plastic surgery. Questions are designed to review current knowledge and practice in the selected area of study.
  • No question will appear on more than one exam.

Primary Self-Assessment/Exam Contents

  • This practice test is designed for surgeons who wish to assess skills and weaknesses in, or to complete the primary certification examination for, facial plastic surgery.
  • Content mirrors the blueprint for the primary ABFPRS certification exam.
  • Questions will cover basic science, diagnosis, and medical and surgical management.

Maintenance of Certification Self-Assessment/Exam Contents

  • The three practice tests on maintenance of certification (MOC) are designed for surgeons who have been in practice for a number of years and want to assess strengths and deficits in areas of practice performance. Surgeons taking the primary or MOC examinations in facial plastic surgery administered by the ABFPRS or the ABOto may also use these practice tests to help in their preparations.
  • The content of these three practice exams mirrors the content of the ABFPRS MOC in FPS ® test: One practice exam focuses 100% on cosmetic surgery, one focuses 100% on reconstructive surgery, and one focuses 50% on cosmetic surgery and 50% on reconstructive surgery.
  • All of the questions in these practice tests will be clinical, reflecting the content of the ABFPRS MOC in FPS ® exams.

Results, Feedback, and CME Credits

  • Examinees will receive immediate exam results once they have completed the exam or the allocated time has ended.
  • Examinees will receive a list of articles recommended to address specific areas of weakness for questions answered incorrectly.

If you experience technical difficulties while taking this exam, such as loss of internet connection, please contact the ABFPRS
office at (703) 549-3223.

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